Tuesday, 30 March 2010

The Eastern Winds - Sketches

I thought would be a shame not to publish some of the (I insist) almost 50 sketches I did for The Eastern Winds EP. Even though most of them are just little more than scribbles it takes a while to think of something worth making those loose lines.

The first ideas to play with at the very beginning were roads and relationships; deriving, at some moment, to rain, woods, time machines (when I took quite literal) and finally pencil sharpeners.

It's interesting to see how behind this apparently random brainstorming something was slowly taking shape. I'm happy to see we finally came up with the right covers.

Saturday, 27 March 2010

The Eastern Winds

Just two weeks after Gomez passed away we already have a new golden retriever puppy, this time slightly whiter which is good to differentiate him. Haven't decided his name yet but we're considering something related to The Addams Family.

Back on the Market Estate days I was also working on The Destroyed Room's new EP album cover. With few themes such as rain, roads, or a red pencil sharpener I almost did 50 sketches (one of them even with a DeLorean time machine). Finally the band decided The Eastern Winds should have two different covers so this is the final result.

Next July they'll be supporting band the The Get Up Kids gig in Barcelona. Congratulations!

Sunday, 14 March 2010


Our family dog Gomez passed away last Monday. He's been with us since 1997 so he's left a big void in our lives. He was always a lovely friendly pal, sometimes a bit lazy, but had a beautiful life; even a book could be written about all the funny anecdotes he's been through.

I wanted to make an homage illustration to him and his love for food. Like us, he enjoyed eating a lot so if he had been able to keep it in his mouth for more than two seconds I would call him a gourmet. I still remember one Christmas when we left a tray of foie alone on a low table. A few minutes after there was no trace of delicacy and Gomez laid flat on the floor for two days trying to digest his mischief.

There's a say in Spanish: you're weirder than a green dog

We will miss you.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Market Estate's Aftermath

The Market Estate Project is over! By now the demolition crew should have replaced artists and bulldozers should be making way for the new blocks. I thought everything would be knocked down in single dramatic explosion but apparently it's a slower more painful process of damaging the inner structure til it's only a matter of poking it to the ground.

I went to the estate for the last time to pick up my stuff and was a bit struck by melancholy as it looked as desolate as it did one month ago when everything was just starting. Someone has already contributed to my murals with some clever writings and lots of dicks. Have to say I'm very surprised by the godly pyramid, doesn't look like a fool's graffiti! Everybody is welcome to contribute, this is public patrimony only for a limited time...

I have to say this project has been a wonderful experience. Thanks a lot to the guys in Tall Tales, they did the toughest task!