Monday, 3 May 2010

Does karma exist?

I don't know. I am actually quite skeptic but I'm about to become a believer. On the same day my bike was nicked I got a commission from The Barbican. Both things happened completely out of nowhere.

After having failed chasing the hoodie that grabbed my bike while I was sketching in Victoria Park I promised myself I'd leave London soon. However, shortly after I got home I saw the email from The Barbican. Why? They said it was the illustration about my dog they liked. Was it one last gift from Gomez? I don't know, but I'm immensely grateful.

My job is for Barbican website. I am illustrating memories posted by anonymous people for the promotion of an upcoming opera called After Life by Michel van der Aa. This one on the other hand, is actually my flatmate Yuki's memory. Hope you like it!