Saturday, 26 June 2010

Market Estate knocked down

It's hard to believe that the Market Estate has been finally demolished. Everyone knew it but in the end it happened. No surprises. It's weird that place doesn't exist anymore; I think it is a good metaphor of our own way through life. We come, and for the time being we occupy a space and are, for better or worse, somewhat meaningful to those around us. However when we are gone, there is nothing left behind. And we will be eventually forgotten. Forgotten forever is what makes it painful.
Well, that was a good excuse to get melancholic but the Market Estate's story is another good example of how important is to enjoy life for the short time it lasts. Even if it's ugly and brutalist.

I really wanted to upload these sketches I did for the Treasure Hunt murals. It is easy to see how they changed in the process of transferring them on the wall while looking at the photos of the now gone murals.Here are some photos and videos of the demolition by Joshua Surtees and David Kelly.

Participating in the Market Estate Project was a wonderful opportunity; again thanks!


  1. Wow! It's quite strange to see the photos of the place being demolished and think that we were all there only a few months ago looking at the artwork...

    Really interesting to see your sketches and see how they changed to the final designs...


    I love your sketches, your art work is amazing.