Wednesday, 14 April 2010

The Destroyed Room - Spanish Tour

Again another huge gap between posts. However I resist to quit blogging, there are still good things to upload.

Specially this poster I did for the very recent The Destroyed Room tour across Spain. This time I didn't have much time to prepare, slightly more than two weeks before the first gig's date. I thought that would be good that people knew about about the gigs with enough time to slot it in their busy agendas so had to hurry up a bit in making it. They played in Andalucia also!

For this illustration I was inspired by this location just 5 min walk from my parent's home. It's the path leading to a bridge crossing over the FGC railways. I miss that place...

By the way, they will be the supporting band for the first ever Smudge gig in Spain. Don't miss out: BeCool Barcelona 26th May!