Wednesday, 29 February 2012


Let me digress from architecture today and talk about this shocking news featured on a Spanish newspaper. Somewhere in vast Russia, a man tried to rape a raccoon. Yes, there's lots of strange people around. However, the poor animal, instead of letting himself enslaved, turned back against and ripped his penis off a bite. Hooray for raccoon!

Don't know much more about the story and how faithful it is to reality, since the main source of the article was The Sun... But while having a coffee at the Mary Ward Centre in Holborn with some fiends couldn't help but to visualise the feisty animal as some sort of Rodriguez-like character the sorts of Machete. Mapache is raccoon in Spanish.

I think the illustration would look cool as promotional poster for a gig.

More on raccoons here.


  1. Brutal! Lei la historia por ahi hace tiempo... bastante ESPELUZNANTE.

    Por cierto, lo mismo sueno pedante pero... has puesto 'fiend' en vez de 'friend'! Me da a mi que son términos algo opuestos jaja!

  2. Vaya... Me has pillado. No iba con segundas ni nada, mis amigos son buenas personas, en serio. No como el malvado violador de mapaches.