Saturday, 27 March 2010

The Eastern Winds

Just two weeks after Gomez passed away we already have a new golden retriever puppy, this time slightly whiter which is good to differentiate him. Haven't decided his name yet but we're considering something related to The Addams Family.

Back on the Market Estate days I was also working on The Destroyed Room's new EP album cover. With few themes such as rain, roads, or a red pencil sharpener I almost did 50 sketches (one of them even with a DeLorean time machine). Finally the band decided The Eastern Winds should have two different covers so this is the final result.

Next July they'll be supporting band the The Get Up Kids gig in Barcelona. Congratulations!


  1. I really like those two!

  2. es brutal!! la caligrafía también es muy bonita.

  3. Ves como no era tan mala idea? jajaja Yo propongo que le llaméis... Fester? aunque no es muy cariñoso... en fin, avísame cuando tengáis nombre XD

  4. Great blog, love the cover, muy bonita.