Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Market Estate's Aftermath

The Market Estate Project is over! By now the demolition crew should have replaced artists and bulldozers should be making way for the new blocks. I thought everything would be knocked down in single dramatic explosion but apparently it's a slower more painful process of damaging the inner structure til it's only a matter of poking it to the ground.

I went to the estate for the last time to pick up my stuff and was a bit struck by melancholy as it looked as desolate as it did one month ago when everything was just starting. Someone has already contributed to my murals with some clever writings and lots of dicks. Have to say I'm very surprised by the godly pyramid, doesn't look like a fool's graffiti! Everybody is welcome to contribute, this is public patrimony only for a limited time...

I have to say this project has been a wonderful experience. Thanks a lot to the guys in Tall Tales, they did the toughest task!

1 comment:

  1. I think it's quite interesting how the graffiti they've added is part of the image, rather than completely ruining it. They've fitted the writing and the pictures of penises into what is already there, rather than just scribbling over the top of your drawing. The pyramid made me laugh! It's a far cry from "I woz ere"...