Sunday, 14 March 2010


Our family dog Gomez passed away last Monday. He's been with us since 1997 so he's left a big void in our lives. He was always a lovely friendly pal, sometimes a bit lazy, but had a beautiful life; even a book could be written about all the funny anecdotes he's been through.

I wanted to make an homage illustration to him and his love for food. Like us, he enjoyed eating a lot so if he had been able to keep it in his mouth for more than two seconds I would call him a gourmet. I still remember one Christmas when we left a tray of foie alone on a low table. A few minutes after there was no trace of delicacy and Gomez laid flat on the floor for two days trying to digest his mischief.

There's a say in Spanish: you're weirder than a green dog

We will miss you.


  1. Sorry to hear about your dog, but this is a really nice illustration. I like the texture of the fur.

  2. sorry to hear that agustin. Ijust got a puppy, and i am already getting attached so i starting to know how it must feel! buenos suerte xx

  3. such a beautiful dog!

  4. thanks a lot guys!! love your pets!